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2023-24 NACA® Conferences

2023_Associate_Guide_Cover.pngThank you for considering joining us at a 2023-24 NACA Conference! We've compiled an Associate Guide resource with important information, deadlines, and tips to help prepare you to participate in this year's events. 

Conference showcase applications & booth purchasing are open now. With our transition to a new website and internal database this summer, conference registration and the ed session submissions portal will open in early August. 

Locations & Dates

Looking for information on NACA Live? Visit the NACA Live website.

So How Does This Work? And How Much Will it Cost?

The process and costs associated with exhibiting and/or performing at NACA® Conferences will depend on several factors. Let's walk through them step by step!

Step 1: Be an active NACA Associate Member in good standing.
If you wish to attend one or more conferences for any reason, you must be a regional or national associate member for the 2023-24 membership year. Visit our membership site to find out which membership is best for you.

New to NACA Conferences and need some tips & tricks?  Watch this New Associate Tips & Tricks video.

Step 2: Purchase exhibit space.

Booth Image.png

Whether you're planning to submit material for showcase consideration or promote your goods & services to the college market (or both), you must secure at least one exhibit booth in the Campus Activities Marketplace for each conference you wish to attend. If you are submitting to showcase, your material will not be reviewed by the selection committee if you have not completed this step. Please note, there will be a couple week period following the showcase application deadline on July 10 where we will need to pause booth purchases as we migrate to a new internal database. We encourage you to purchase your booth early or you may have to wait to do so until early August.

Exhibit booth: $385

Purchase Exhibit Space

exhibit hall maps:
Charleston  Little Rock | Syracuse | Riverside | Des Moines* (coming soon)

Note: To request specific booth locations, please refer to the instructions you'll receive in your booth purchase confirmation email.

*Des Moines booth sales will open in early August 

Not planning to showcase? You can skip ahead to Step 5!

Step 3: Gather information for your act(s).

For each act you submit, you will need a bio, photo, pricing and other important information. Use this Showcase Application Prep Resource to prepare this information. Please note, there will be a couple week period following the showcase application deadline on July 10 where we will need to pause any changes to NACA 24/7 profiles and acts & services as we migrate to a new internal database. We encourage you to review your information and make any changes before July 10 or you will have to wait to do so until early August.

Step 4: Submit your showcase application(s).

This is where you specify the performance material you'd like the selection committee to review, which conferences you're submitting for, and which types of showcases you'd like to be considered for. Be sure to review the showcase categories before submitting. 

Need some help  submitting your showcase application? Watch this Showcase Application Tips & Tricks Webinar.

Showcase Application

Application Fee: $175

Deadlines: July 10 (Charleston, Little Rock, Syracuse, Riverside) and Dec. 11 (Des Moines*)

*Des Moines showcase application will open in early August

Step 5: Register.

A minimum of one full registration is required for each company exhibiting in the Campus Activities Marketplace for each conference. Day passes are also available. All registered event attendees must be 18 years of age or older. This applies to all students (both undergraduate & graduate), campus staff, showcasing artists, exhibitors, and volunteer participants. An exception may be made by the Executive Director for a parent and their nursing child.

Full Registration: Early - $320; Regular - $370

Day Pass: Early - $170; Regular - $190

Conference registration will open in early August. Deadlines vary by conference.

Step 6: Consider submitting an education session proposal.
Presenting is an excellent opportunity, as you share expertise and demonstrate knowledge on topics relevant to students, school staff, and associates. Associate members cannot showcase or be an alternate in any showcase category and present educational sessions marketed to school members, professional staff, and/or students during the same NACA event.
Ed Session Proposals portal will open in early August

Step 7: Consider sponsorship opportunities.

We are excited to roll out various conference sponsorship opportunities for associate members. These opportunities are designed to be highly visible and intentional to assist associate members with growing their business and exposure to NACA school members. Review Sponsorships Opportunities.

Great! All Done. What's Next?

That all depends. If you didn't submit to showcase, all you have left to do is design your exhibit booth(s)! Make sure you've read the rules of the marketplace to understand what is and isn't permitted. If you're planning to do demonstrations of any kind (close-up magic, etc.), you'll indicate that on the booth information form you'll receive in your booth purchase confirmation email and need to ensure you have the proper insurance and permissions, if needed. Questions about this? Contact Toire Vince at the NACA Office.

trio performing on stage

Once selections have been announced, you will fall into one of the three categories below:

Congratulations! You're well on your way to performing in front of hundreds of students and advisors who make the decisions regarding entertainment and programming on their campuses. You will receive a letter of intent, which will need to be returned to NACA along with your showcase fee, to secure your spot on stage.

Conference Showcase Fees for 2023-24
The 2023-24 Associate Guide will include further details on these fees, as well as important deadline, cancellation and refund information.

  • Spotlight Low/High - $430
  • Speaker/DJ/Variety - $520
  • Emcee - $660
  • On-site Selected - $430

Hey, not bad! While a showcase slot is not guaranteed, there is still a chance that you can end up on stage.

Alternates are listed in order and sorted by showcase category. If a selected act declines their slot or cancels for any reason before the conference, the first alternate in that category will be contacted and offered that slot. If they accept, then all remaining alternates will move up one spot in the order. In other words, the second alternate becomes the first, the third becomes the second, and so on. If any alternates ahead of you cancel, you will also move up the list accordingly.

To secure your alternate slot, you will need to return your letter of intent along with the alternate fee.  If you get offered a showcase slot, this money will count toward the showcase fee. 

Conference Alternate Showcase Fees for 2023-24
The 2023-24 Associate Guide will include further details on these fees, as well as important deadline, cancellation and refund information.

  • Spotlight Low/High - $215
  • Speaker/DJ/Variety - $260
  • Emcee - $330

You may not be performing live at the conference, but you can still make great connections and even book gigs in the Campus Activities Marketplace! Introduce yourself to campus decision makers, provide examples of your work, and even discuss potential dates during the conference. You may be just what a campus is looking for, even if they don't get to see you perform live.

Want a Closer Look at NACA?

Sign up for Discover NACA at one of our conferences. This two hour tour will enable you to get a better look at the Campus Activities Marketplace, check out a showcase and get your questions answered by current associate members.

For more information or to sign up, email Member Relations.

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